We build the WorkStadt platform to connect new international employees to each other and to our Stadt. To official and administrational supporters, service providers, cultural institutions, to everything that may be important, enjoyable or helpful for you. Because we want to make it easy for you to settle in and feel good in our city.

Connect to each other.
Connect to the city.
Connect to WorkStadt.

WorkStadt Membership is only possible through the employer. Please speak to your HR department directly or contact us here.

„We will not be able to cope with the diverse transformation processes that Wuppertal needs and that we are currently initiating without the help of trained specialists and committed new citizens from abroad. That is why WorkStadt is an important building block for the future development of our city, which I actively support. I am happy about everyone who joins us. Welcome to WorkStadt!“

Prof. Uwe Schneidewind, Lord Mayor